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Upcoming Events

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October 2021

October 2-3: 1971: Birth of Filipino Americanism

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Join us for this two-day event featuring YFPFWC attendees who were there. Learn from their personal perspectives on how the event shaped their journey in developing today’s awareness and consciousness of Filipino Americanism.

This two-day National FAHNS segment will be moderated by Dorothy Laigo Cordova and Emil Guillermo. Lively oral history interviews will be conducted among a diverse group of conference attendees. 

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Previous Events – 2020

October 5: No History, No Self; Know History, Know Self

No History No Self Header image

Mel Orpilla created one of the first and most popular presentations entitled, “No History, No Self. Know History, Know Self.” With the power of Zoom, you will be able to enjoy our powerful and enlightening American experience when it comes alive with Mel’s iconic showcase.

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October 12 – Filipino American Literature

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What is Filipino American Literature?
Join this rare discussion featuring two icons in Filipino American literature.

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